What Is a District Leader?

A District Leader, also known as a State Committeeperson is an unpaid, volunteer, elected official who serves on the Executive Committee of a County political party for a two-year term.  

In Kings County (Brooklyn), registered Democrats are responsible for electing two Democratic State Committee persons, one male and one female, in each New York State Assembly District.  There are 21 New York State Assembly Districts in Brooklyn and thus there are 42 Democratic State Committeepersons.

Key Responsibilities of a District Leader 

Galvanize Residents to Become More Involved in Community Affairs: The State Committee person is a local liaison between the community and elected officials.  A strong State Committee person should be an effective advocate and activist for the leading issues impacting the neighborhood.

Help Elect Democrats: This is particularly important in the 64th Assembly District, which has had the misfortune in the past to be overlapped by both a Congressional District and a State Senate District represented by conservative Republicans and is currently represented by a Republican in the Assembly.

Select the Brooklyn Democratic Party Leader: The 42 District Leaders vote to elect the leader of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.  Considering several past party leaders have been indicted on charges of corruption – this is a critically important function.  

Determine Slate of Democratic Judicial Candidates:  The 42 District Leaders are charged with reviewing and endorsing Democratic judicial candidates.  State Committeepersons can reform the notorious Brooklyn Democratic judicial selection. 

Endorse Candidates for Local Office:  As members of the Executive Committee of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, the 42 District Leaders vote to endorse candidates for elective office within in Brooklyn, as well as for citywide, statewide, and national offices.

Represent Brooklyn at New York State Democratic Convention: The State Committeepersons are the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s delegates to the State Convention.  At this convention, the State Committeepersons vote to endorse candidates for Statewide office.