Unlike many Members of Congress and local Brooklyn Republican Assemblymembers, Chris McCreight believes in science. Beyond that most basic, yet important, belief, here are some of his main issues of concern both globally and locally. 

1) Fracking must remain banned in New York State. The data is clear: fracking is not safe. We must protect our water supply here in New York City and the rest of the state. Additionally, the practice of fracking is disruptive to the local communities where it takes place and is still a fossil fuel that damages the environment.

2) Pursue a green infrastructure in New York. Create jobs in clean energy like wind and solar while helping the environment and saving financial costs in the long run. This is a win-win that our politicians unfortunately refuse to address because it requires long term planning and real vision.

3) Protect our local parks in New York City. We must come up with a permanent funding source for our local parks. Instead of rewarding certain neighborhoods over others, the funding must be fairly distributed. All neighborhoods need parks. Additionally, the development and loss of parkland must be curtailed. Once we lose these precious green spaces, we never them back and the oft-promised "new parks" rarely materialize.

4) Protect the EPA and the Clean Air Act. Republicans in Congress are always looking for ways to roll back any environmental progress we have made on the national level. Through elections and advocacy we must stand up against them.

5) Close tax loophole giveaways to the oil and gas industry. They do not need the money, nor do they deserve it. We should have policies that promote clean energy, not the dirty energy of the past.

6) Promote a better and more local food infrastructure in New York. To start, we must continue the ban on fracking in order to protect our farmland. Tax policies need to move away from rewarding large corporations to supporting local farms. Finally, consumers deserve to know what they are eating. Lobbyists should not be designing our food labels and setting standards.