Join Us August 17th!

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Contributions are tax deductible.
Please join hosts Councilman Vincent Gentile, District Leader
Joanne Seminara, Ilene Sacco, Joseph Gaba, Erin Evenson
Justin & Leigh Brannan, Scott Klein, Jordan Thomas, Steve
Harrison, James Kemmerer and Elisha Osherowitz Kemmerer
to support:
Chris McCreight for Democratic State Committee.


The fundraiser will be at Cebu,
located at 8801 3rd Avenue
on August 17th from 7PM-9PM.


The maximum allowable contribution for Individuals,

Partnerships, PACs, LLCs and LLPs is $1,500.00.
Corporations are limited to $5,000.00 annually to all campaigns in New York State.

Political contributions are not tax-deductible.

You can also send a check,

payable to Friends of Chris McCreight, to:

Friends of Chris McCreight
7911 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209