Judicial Reform

One of the most important duties of a State Committee Member is nominating judges for Supreme Court. The 42 members of the State Committee have enormous responsibilities when it comes to shaping Kings County’s judicial system. Here are four immediate and common sense reforms proposed by Chris McCreight:

1) State Committee members and candidates should not be allowed to accept campaign contributions from judicial candidates. We must end even the slightest appearance of pay-to-play politics when it comes to the judicial system. Currently, many State Committee members and candidates receive the bulk of their campaign contributions from judicial candidates who are often seeking endorsements in the same year. Chris McCreight refuses donations from all judicial candidates. 

2) State Committee members should not be allowed to donate to judicial campaigns. This will further take politics out of the judicial nominating process.

3) Brooklyn deserves a truly independent Judicial Screening Panel that takes the nomination and appointment of Supreme Court Judges out of smoke filled back rooms.

4) Close family members of State Committee members should not be allowed to be Judges or a judicial candidate. Judges make decisions that profoundly affect peoples’ lives and we must remove any potential political cronyism from the system.